Name Non-profit Organization Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN
Head office #409 4F, Shinagawa Center bldg. 3-23-17 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Director Seiji Nishida
Established April, 2nd 2012 (Established as an organization in June 2010)
Outline We non-profit organization “Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN” offer a local-area activating project through “Food” by developing original Thai food recipes with local fresh ingredients from all over Japan's 47 prefectures, and showing how to take advantages of them. Our new international cultural exchange programs based on food events will promote Thai-Japan's local interactions and create new markets.
Activities The food producers' movement into our project is now expanding throughout the nation; stimulate local food market by original Thai food recipes using regional fresh ingredients and develop overseas market around Asia area focused on Thailand.
Previous events
  • 1.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Release event|kick off| December 2010
  • 2.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Regular event for metropolitan area
  • 3.1st event February 2011 Iwate prefecture in Akasaka, Tokyo
  • 4.2nd event July 2011 Nagano prefecture in Ginza, Tokyo
  • 5.3rd event November 2011 Hokkaido in Ginza, Tokyo
  • 6.The 4th March 2012 Toyama prefecture in Ginza, Tokyo
  • 7.The 5th May 2012 Ibaragi prefecture in Tokyo, confirmed
  • 8.The 6th July 2012 Ehime prefecture in Tokyo, planned
  • 9.The 7th September 2012 Ishikawa prefecture in Tokyo, planned
  • 10.The 8th November 2012 Kumamoto prefecture in Tokyo, planned
  • 11.The 9th January 2013 Akita prefecture in Tokyo, planned
  • 12.The 10th March 2013 Okinawa prefecture in Tokyo, planned
  • 13.Other events will be reported as they are planned.
  • 14.“Itodenwa Table” Food producer support event after the great eastern Japan earth quake May 2011 in Shimbashi, Tokyo
  • 15.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Local version *Under preparation
  • 16.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Visit the food producer tour in Japan
    *Under preparation
  • 17.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Visit the food producer tour in Thailand
    *Under preparation
  • 18.Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN Thailand version * Under preparation
Basic Information
Membership benefits
  • 1.You can join our movement creation that connect Thailand and Japan through food – original Thai menu recipes with Japan 47 prefectures' local fresh ingreients.
  • 2.Exchange information with members who are interested in Thailand and Thai food.
  • 3.Exchange information with members who are interested in Japan's local areas and their fresh food.
  • 4.Exchange information with members who are in charge of produce & business related to Thai and Japanese food.
  • 5.Offer information on traveling in Thailand and Japan
  • 6.Free original membership badge (47 kinds, not for sale)
  • 7.Offer our HP link page for members' business and organization
  • 8.Mail magazine distribution o NPO Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN
  • 9.Special offer for members to local observation tours both to Thailand and Japan
  • 10.Attendance to the general conference
  • 11.Offer promotional chances for members' products at EC site.
  • 12.Offer promotional chances for members' original products at event sites.
  • 13.Offer consultation on investments related to Thailand, and CSR strategies.
  • 14.Support members' products distribution and PR activities in Thailand
  • 15.Prior purchase of original sales items
participation fee
- Regular membership a person, a producer, or an organization who agree the purpose of our activities and promote the business.
- Enrollment fee 1,000 yen / person, annual fee 3,000 yen / person
- Support menbership a person, a producer, or an organization who agree the purpose of our activities and support the business.
- Enrollment fee 1,000 yen / person, annual fee 3,000 yen / person
- Enrollment fee 15,000 yen / organization, annual fee 35,000 yen / organization
- Yum! Yam! Ambassador is a organization related to personal / group local food activities and registered by each company / organization. The terms of condition is to agree the purpose of Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN's activities and to understand how to cook Thai food and the difference of tastes by regions. Those who have wide knowledge and networks for regional food, and are able to report their activities and future plans, are suitable for it.
“Japan's 47 prefectures meet 77 provinces in Thailand”

This organization, as for all people, aims to promote revitalization activities of local communities and international cultural exchanges through the Thai Food "local Japan (47 prefectures) × local Thailand (77 provinces)." We've planned 47 continuous events, “ Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN” for the first time in Japan (in the world?), which offer original Thai recipes using local fresh ingredients from Japan's 47 prefectures. In addition, spreading Thai food in Japan more and creating the way to take advantage of local products by developing original Thai menus will lead the stimulation of Thai & Japan's interactions through food, and we believe that we can make undeveloped markets visible in the future. We would like to provide an oppoturnity to think and raise awareness on food, wishing every participant's happiness with delicious dishes and healthy living through these Asian food exhanges. Rather than the perspectives of enthusiasts of Thai food, we create wider connection between two nations that matched this generation, appreciate the relationship having the same rice oriented culture, and develop together through food.

  • Promotion activities for the understandings of Thai & Japan's food culture
  • Revitalization of local community through food, activities related to international cultural exchanges
  • Promotion activities on food education
  • Activities for spreading and exchanging agricultural technology
  • Educational activities for children's understandings on food
  • Operation, contact management, advices and supports of the organization for the above activities
Approval & awards

Official support by Commercial Counselor, Embassy of Thailand
Official support by Tourism Authority of Thailand
Approved as a local job creation business by Cabinet (Joined iSB Public Future Course, 2011)

Products & services

Events:Yum! Yam! SOUL SOUP KITCHEN(For metropolitan / local)
EC Sites:Yum! Yam! MARKET(Under preparation)

Support Company

法人の賛助会員様を募集しております。 詳しくはこちら»

  • モンスーンバレー
  • 池光エンタープライズ
  • 日本野菜ソムリエ協会
  • 木徳神糧株式会社
  • タイ国大使館商務参事官事務所
  • タイ国政府観光庁
  • 1983 CAVIAR
  • 魅惑の調味料店 ZUCI(シュチ)
  • 株式会社トマトコーポレーション
  • バンコク日本語情報誌『DACO』東京事務局